Setting Goals

I’ve always been goal oriented. Meeting deadlines was never an issue or being on time. Then life really happened. My life flipped upside down completely. It’s been just a little shy of five years since I published The Color Red. Have I been busy? This is a loaded question. However, have I stopped writing? Absolutely not! Have I been writing as much as I would like? No. Have I used all my time wisely, educating myself on technology and publishing? No, not like I should have.

What I have done is allow God to lead me. I’ve experienced so much in such a little time and I have no regrets. I’ve learned. I’ve also not been much of a social media person as I was before. Life has been keeping me extremely busy. I have a new daughter in-law along with a new granddaughter. My mom and dad both have had more health issues than I care to share but I’ve used my time wisely to care for them. I wouldn’t trade any of this time for anything.

I’ve lost two pastors along this journey but they wouldn’t come back if they could. I’m so grateful for their preaching and teachings and that I was smart enough to take notes. I love both of these gentlemen. One as a father, he had been my pastor for over 40 years. The other pastor, my brother in Christ whom I knew for almost 30 years. Both men were very influential to my writing and they had no idea. God bless each of them. It’s not good bye. It’s see ya later.

I’m not here today to look for pity or make excuses of what hasn’t gotten done but to share that Gods way and will, well it shall be. I will continue my journey with mind, body and soul and allowing His presence to guide me. I do know this, it will only better enhance my writing in the future.

Big thanks for all my readers, colleagues, family and friends for supporting me along the way.

Much Love,


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Thanks for sharing sis.
Life happens, we have to live it and deal with all the highs and lows which come with it.
We gain people (daughters-in-law, sons-in-law, grandchildren etc.) and lose dear friends, family members and relatives along the way.
Daddy has put writing in you, that gift will live and thrive as long as you live and even after you’re called home.
Let’s encourage each other to reach our goals, by truly supporting each other, when we share our hearts and thoughts.
Keep on keeping on Amanda.😇
Much Love.🤗

Thank you Phil for stopping by and sharing your support. We should run our lives not let life run us. I believe my priorities are exactly where they need to be at this time.

Writing is a God given talent that I love sharing with the world. Hopefully soon I will have my poetry book published.

I just keep on keeping on…I hear these words many times in my heart. I shall do just that.

Spirit up and stay blessed!

Much Love,


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