Amanda DeHavenWith a southern heart and soul, a sensual mind and a spirit filled life, Amanda brings faith, hope and love to her readers and viewers. She is a vibrant speaker and outstanding writer in this fast moving and ever-changing times we are living in. She brings confidence, classy and downright sassiness to her creative writing projects. She will be bringing that to you and more as she is writing and speaking out on her beliefs and life for all of us. She is the lady you would want in your corner if you were backed against the wall. She is faithful and loyal to what she believes in and is passionate about many things. You will learn this as you read through her blogs and view her vlogs. Life is always changing and she isn’t one that will be kept in a box.

Amanda’s poetry brings out the lust for love in relationships and nature in the most sensual of ways. She believes going after every dream and desire your heart has. Poetry has not only broadened horizons it has caught many hearts and souls with her writing. Many have said. “You spoke to my soul and straight to my heart Amanda, through your writing.” Amanda takes this not only as a compliment but is humbled and feels it is her creative duty to bring more for her readers. She is currently working on Pearls of Wisdom and will be publishing when she feels it is complete and ready for publication.

Peace 4 The Valley Logo

Peace4TheValley was established in 2014 before she began to write The Color Red. Amanda has a passion for humanity. She loves people and caring for people. She says, “My success will be to help others succeed.” When she created Peace4TheValley it was her intention to gather wisdom and courage while traveling throughout the valley, not only for herself but for everyone to have peace and joy. She was born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia and still lives there today.

Amanda has an unbridled spirit that will not quit. Come and experience her inspiration and free spirit that many are thriving to hear and read more of. She has that southern charm that invites you into her home and into her heart. She writes from her heart and soul with every stroke of the pen and when she speaks in public she speaks with her whole heart. She has been defined as a southern belle, sassy gal, the lady, the sister and friend that doesn’t sugar coat but gives it to you real, rare and raw.

~From her heart to yours—Faith, Hope & Love