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A Lifetime…

I’ve spent most of my life telling myself that when I fall in love it will be forever. Many years I spent searching, waiting and wondering, when it would happen then those years turned into years of, if it would come. Year after year passed by and I finally let go of the fairy tale love or even the idea of forever and taught myself to love me, expect nothing from no one or anything. Accept my life and myself for what and who I am. Some would even think I had lost faith, and maybe I did but I never lost faith in myself. I became a strong and independent woman who thought she needed nothing and wanted nothing from anyone. Truth of the matter is, I became content with everything and everyone around me. Then one day my whole life changed and it’s hasn’t ever been the same since then. I received the gift of hope. It’s truly amazing when a person can share one simple word and it manifests, this hope gave me new life and a whole new understanding of true love. Such simple words that were spoken to me gave me A Lifetime of Hope~ “You don’t know how to let anyone love you. Let me show you. Please give me a chance.” I had nothing to lose only to gain. I embraced the Hope he gave me and the underlying Love that came with it has been incredible. I’m truly blessed to A Lifetime…

A Lifetime

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Beautiful post Amanda.
Thank God for hope and love.
It’s great to hear what both have given you and God knows the world is need of them right now.

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