Thank you and I’m humbled for this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Amanda DeHaven and even though I have confused many along the way, with my name it’s part of who I am. I am a daughter, sister, grandmother, mother, friend and a child of God that will not be kept in a box. I currently reside in the Shenandoah Valley located in Virginia. I work a full-time job and very much like my writing I change many hats a day.
One of my many readers hit the nail on the head when they left their review;
The Color Red was a neat little surprise. I hadn’t read the synopsis, just went with a recommendation, so I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. Amanda DeHaven (Love that name) has a gift for telling stories, unique ones at that.

The Color Red is a story about a girl and her horse, a girl and her soulmate, a girl and her God. In short, it’s a compact story that manages to span fourteen years, the story of young Faith (Lanny) Lane. DeHaven develops Lanny’s character well as we are compelled as readers to follow her tale. It’s a clean, wholesome novel, so much so that when Lanny returns home after a life-altering journey and her friend asked simply, “Did you have sex?” I almost fell out of my chair.

DeHaven also hits the multicultural bullseye from out of nowhere. I didn’t see that coming. Well done. One more line pulled at me during the read that I had to take note of. “Look as far as you can out across the water it never ends. Just like life Faith. We who believe will have eternal life.” Read it!
I look forward to this journey as I move forward in writing many different genres. While you are reading “The Color Red” I believe you will pick up on the many different genres I am capable of creating and writing. Soon I will be releasing my first poetry book “Pearls of Wisdom”, I hope you too will enjoy this book that has been part of my journey while writing the 2nd and 3rd book in the Peace4TheValley trilogy, “The Color Red” being the 1st one.
Peace and blessings be with you. Never give up hope and keep the faith!

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